Los Pulse iPhone App

When we first launched Los Pulse, Instagram was only available on the iPhone. Naturally, we ventured to offer Los Pulse users a way to navigate the website’s content through an iPhone app of its own.

Users of the app sign in with their Instagram account and receive notifications if their photo gets featured as well as when a new game day is ready to be viewed. Los Pulsers also gain the ability to filter their photos with a Dodger Blue overlay and Los Pulse watermark.

The Los Pulse iPhone app is powered by our custom-built Joomla! extension. The app also has other integrations with the Joomla! Content Management System.

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The Best Photos From Every Game

Los Pulse Season View
Los Pulse Game Day
Los Pulse Game Day Grid
Los Pulse Photo Detail

Filter Your Photos

Los Pulse Be Blue View

The Leaderboard

Los Pulse iPhone Leaderboard

Custom iPhone Design & Development

Los Pulse Photoshop Design Screen Shot
Los Pulse Xcode Storyboard Screen Shot

Powered By Our Custom Joomla! Component

Zuno Studios Custom Instagram Component