Social media

Facebook. Twitter. Blogs. Pinterest. LinkedIn. You've heard of these, right? And you've probably used one or all of them. But did you know they're good for more than just finding out what your old high school buddies are up to or showing off pictures of your dog?

Social networking should be a crucial part of your overall marketing plan. These applications can help you spread the word faster, more effectively and (here comes the big selling point!) it costs much less than traditional advertising.

We live in a world where consumers fast-forward through commercials, bypass radio ads by listening to XM and cancel their magazine subscriptions in order to "go green". Consumers are now addicted to online networking. They check their Facebook page before they even brush their teeth in the morning!

Most advertising or marketing firms out there have heard of social networking or social media, but we're one of the few companies that offer social networking services to you. We can help you figure out how to leverage these tools by creating a social networking plan that will work best for your business.