User experience design

If user interface is how users interact with a website, then what is user experience (UX)? Doesn't a user "experience" the interface? Well, yes they do, but the interface is just one facet of the overall experience. User experience is any aspect of a person's interaction with something and how that interaction makes them feel.

So why is user experience so important?

Simple. The success of a website boils down to one thing—how your users perceive it. Was it easy to use? Did it provide value? Answers? Provoke emotion and was that emotion positive or negative? UX design focuses on the end goal and creating the most efficient and optimized path for users to get there. It looks at every single step within the consumer journey to provide direction, reward or utility as needed. The result is a satisfied and loyal user who will advocate for your service, product or brand.

With the connected world being so saturated, the right user experience is crucial for customer engagement.