Branding & identity

So you need a logo? We can do that too. Stationery, business cards, packaging, promotional materials? Yup, yup, yup and yup. For years, the creative team at Zuno Studios has been helping companies tell their story. Because that’s what great branding is—telling your story. A representation of who you are and who you strive to be. Successful brands communicate on all levels, including the submiminal, and we understand how to achieve that for our clients.

The key to creating a successful identity entails more than just throwing together a logo to put on your business cards.

Of course a logo is an essential part of your overall brand, however, memorable brands are much more than that. Memorable brands have a distinct personality that’s hard to forget. They evoke an emotional connection with their audience and give expression and individuality to your company or product.

We love the challenge of creating identities that reflect our clients’ unique personalities. Want to see some of our branding & identity work?