Content management

First thing's first, what is a Content Management System (CMS)? In plain English, it's a program that allows non-technical users to edit, update and maintain a website without needing to prepare HTML code. Pretty cool, right?

There are many advantages to using a Content Management System. Whether you're updating your company's contact information or the price of your products, developing your website using a CMS makes keeping your website up-to-date easy, fast and cost-effective.

Being able to update an email address without needing to contact your web developer or designer a) saves you time, since you can make the change in less time than it'd take you to type up an email explaining what needs to be done, b) saves you money, since making the change yourself means you won't have to pay an outside partner to do it and c) ensures that changes get made the second you need them. Web administration has never been this easy.

At Zuno Studios, we've helped a variety of clients implement CMS systems into their websites. From retailers to consulting firms, we've seen them benefit from the ability to keep their sites up-to-date with current products and latest news.