How to add a file

The files are allow you to upload files of all types, create bookmarks to websites, create text documents and YouTube videos.
Files will be used for design proofs, copy and content, reference files and links.

The benefit of files is that they allow version tracking, allowing easy access to previous versions.

To add a new file click the “Files” link at the top of your dashboard.

fileimage 1

Click on “New Asset” button at the top right and choose the type of file you want to add.

fileimage 2

You will see the following list:

fileimage 3

Files are images in a format that you prefer, textual files and more.

To upload a file, select “upload files” under the New Asset menu. Click on “choose file” select the file you want to upload. Then assign a category (i.e design, development, general) and milestone if it is relevant. Assign the correct people that should be notified to view this file and then click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the popup.

fileimage 4

Bookmarks are links to articles, blogs, websites, etc that would be interesting and useful to your team or related to a project that you are working on.

To create a bookmark, select “bookmark”  under the New Asset menu. Enter the url that links to a specific article, blog or website. Enter the title (this could be the title of the article or blog or name of website). Then enter a description maybe a sentence or two as to why or how this link relates to the project. Assign category and milestone if it applies and select the people that should be notifies to see this bookmark and click on the “add bookmark” button at the bottom.


Text Documents is a simple way to create a text document on the spot and work on it with other people.

To create a text document select “text document” under the New Asset menu. Add a title that is related to the content in your document. Add whatever content you may have in the content area. Select a category and milestone if it applies, and select the people that should be notified about the document. Then click on the green “create document” button at the bottom.

text file

YouTube Videos allows you to copy the URL of the video that you wish to share with your team. It will even play the video for you, so you don't have to exit the application.

To add a youtube video, select “YouTube video” under the New Asset menu. Enter the URL of the video, the title of the video and a brief description of the video. Then select a category and milestone if it applies and assign the people that you want notified about this video. Lastly, click on the green “add YouTube video” button at the bottom.

youtube file