How to add a task

Creating A Task
To access a project, click it from your project list or click any of the items in the activity feed. The majority of activity with a project will be based around Tasks. To view the tasks of a project click the “Tasks” tab/link at the top of the page.

taskimage 1

To create a new task, click one of the two “New Task” buttons.

taskimage 2

A popup will open where you will enter the details of the new task. Try to set as many of the options as possible.
Give it a descriptive title so the task is easy to understand by other users within the project and enter a detailed description including links, screenshots, and other information relative to the task.

task 3

On the right, select a category:

Choose the category most relative to the new task. If you’re not sure, skip it and we will set it after the task has been created.

taskimage 4

Select the milestone, if this is a monthly support project select the milestone for the current month, if it is a project milestone select it. As with the category, skip if you are unsure of what selection to make.

taskimage 5

Next select a level of priority from highest to lowest. Please refer to our priority assessment sheet to see what each level means.

taskimage 6


If there is a due date on which you must have a task completed, enter it in the Due On box, otherwise leave it blank. Note: this may be changed based on production schedules and other open tasks.

taskimage 7

Leave “lable” alone.

taskimage 8


If there are attachments to go along with your task, i.e. docs, files or images, use the attachment button.

taskimage 9

Lastly always remember to assign the correct users to the task. If you do not know who specifically assign the task to select all, and we will fix it after the task has been created.

task 10

When complete click on the “Add Task” button at the bottom of the popup.