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Los Pulse is a curated website featuring the best Instagram photos from every Los Angeles Dodgers game. Photos are handpicked after each game and offer an alternative look at each game — through the fans’ eyes.

In 2013, more than 3.5 million fans attended Dodger games, making Dodger Stadium the most visited park in all of Major League Baseball. As fans flocked to the Downtown Los Angeles ballpark, they made sure everyone knew they were there—via Facebook check-ins, Instagram photos, and Tweets.

What if you want to see other photos from the game? You could just search for a hashtag, right? Sure, you could do that, but beware of the hundreds of irrelevant results. Los Pulse does the dirty work for you. Now you can view the most creative, clean, and relevant photos from every game—and only those photos.

Most users view the site on their smartphones, meaning an optimized mobile experience was necessary. Users can navigate through each game day, switch between seasons, view the leaderboard, and even create custom wallpapers.

Los Pulse isn't just a photo archive of each game; it has become a community. The user-generated content connects thousands of users who share the same interests. Los Pulse provides fans with a way to consume media that is otherwise lost as soon as it's more than 24 hours old.

Using our own social media management platform, Los Pulse is a thriving example of how social media can continually capture a brand's audience.

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