I've began to build out a set of Coda clips for Joomla! development. I'll be posting them here on our blog as I get them complete—probably just in time for the Joomla! 1.6 release ;)

The first group of Coda Clips if for standard Joomla! parameter types. There are 21 standard parameter types used by the Joomla! Framework. These parameters are used for everything from templates to components, modules and plugins.

This Coda clip set for Joomla! includes all 21 parameter types. This set has become a real time saver for building Joomla! extensions.

Download the set here or feel free to Tweet this blog post to make sure all your Coda pals get in on this

I read an article in Online Media Daily today that covered a study conducted by OPA (Online Publishers Association). Within the study it was found that the share of time spent on commerce sites has declined. They say that part of the reason for this is the rise in social networking sites in the past few years. This really got me thinking. Are social communities really hurting the growth of eCommerce? I say no.

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As you've been able to tell from our last couple blog posts and all of the tweets, a few of attended Twiistup 6 in Los Angeles this past Thursday and Friday. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Twiistup is a conference that connects people from technology, media and entertainment. There were a lot of fairly new companies "showing off" their product or service and there were panels that covered several topics, from tips for entrepreneurs looking for investors to social media and the "do's" and "don't"s in that area of marketing and tech.

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This is about 75% of the Music and Technology panel from Twiistup 6. I underestimated the length of this one and ran out of juice on the little Flip cam.

This panel covered all things that tie music and technology together, and today it seems like they are inseparable. Panelists include Grammy award winning artist Chamillionaire, QD3 (Quincy Jones III), Brian Solis and Ian Rogers of Topspin media.

Amazing insights on how Chamillionaire ties social media in with his overall branding, marketing and fan base to be successful without waiting on the major labels to get caught up to social media.

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Twiistup 6 panel "Leveraging the Social Web". This session focused on being authentic and connecting with your audience in a natural meaningful way with insights from some of the most powerful leaders in social media.

Panelist include, Chris Brogan President of New Marketing Labs, Micah Baldwin starter of #FollowFriday and Ben Huh Chief Cheese Burger of Icanhascheezeburger.com. The panel was moderated by Sean Percival.

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