I needed to load a modal pop-up on page load for a Joomla component I am working on. It's actually pretty easy to do. The code is below. This is developing in the Joomla 1.5 framework using the core MooTools 1.1 and SqueezeBox 1.0.

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The second set of Coda clips are for JFilterOutput. What the heck is JFilterOutput you ask? It is a class in the Joomla! framework that strings and text in various ways. The number one thing I use it for is to replace "&" (ampersands) with "&" by using JFilterOutput::ampReplace for valid XHTML.

There are other methods to this class that do things like stripping text of formatted and scripting code (JFilterOutput::cleanText) and making text strings URL safe (JFilterOutput::stringURLSafe).

Download the set here or feel free to Tweet this blog post to make sure all your Coda pals get in on this