Make an AJAX request from a Joomla! module

Did you know Joomla! 3.2 includes an AJAX Interface? If you've ever needed to make an AJAX request in Joomla! from a custom module, you've probably run into a wall.

Previously, you'd have to create your own component to call a special method. This was an absolute pain for something that should be so simple; well, now it is that simple.

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Why do we love using frameworks? It’s simple: frameworks save us time. Whether you’re marking-up a design or developing a web app, Bootstrap can save you a ton of time with CSS and all of the crazy little ins-and-outs that come with responsive websites.

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Managing multiple social media accounts can be challenging at times, so trying to manage a brand in multiple languages can be even more challenging—especially if you aren't fluent in one or more of the languages.

Don't fear, help is here! In this blog you will find tips and downloadable documents to get you started.

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01.10.2014 : :
Gibson font family specimen

This week's font of the week is Gibson. When designer John Gibson of the Society of Graphic Designer of Canada (GDC) passed away in 2011, good friend and fellow type designer, Rod McDonald, decided to release Gibson—a humanist sans-serif family to honor his educational legacy.

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In this blog post, I'll show you how we typically use the SQL field type in our custom-built Joomla! modules.

We do a ton of custom development for our clients including—from time to time—building custom Joomla! modules.

For our own site, we built a component that will manage our portfolio (work samples). Naturally, we needed the ability to show some of these work samples on various pages.

Enter a fancy new Zuno-built Joomla! Module—mod_zportfolio.

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