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Within the last year, many familiar brands, such as Apple, have scrapped their existing skeuomorphic UI design in favor of of something simpler and flatter, creating a debate over both the purpose of skeuomorphism and the potential longevity of flat UI. So if you’re new to the debate, where do you start? Let’s start at the beginning.

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Here's a quick little tutorial for all you aspiring iOS developers.

When I first started developing iOS apps, jumping into something completely new (like, handling photo uploads) was always a huge challenge. Hopefully this will give you a head start if you're building an app that requires photo uploads—or any type of HTTP POST for that matter.

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A SquareSpace Logo creation

Earlier this week, SquareSpace launched a simple logo generator appropriately called SquareSpace Logo. Using their trademark drag and drop interface, SquareSpace collaborated with the Noun Project to bring individuals and small businesses, who might not otherwise have the resources or knowledge, the humble tools to create their own brand for only $10 per logo.

...and the design community imploded.

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HTML markup speed coding with Emmet plugin

If you're a front-end web developer, there's one thing that you'll have to deal with again and again: lots and lots of markup. This is where Emmet comes to the rescue.

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CSS3 eye candy

With the new additions to CSS3 we have the ability to do more than just change the size and color of the element. Now, you can do things like add rounded corners and drop shadows without having to make a bunch of images for the effect. And since nearly all current browsers support this, you will be able to use these effects without much worry about cross-browser compatibility.

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