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As most of you know I'm a huge Joomla! fan and we use the Joomla! framework to build most of our clients' sites. You may also know that my background and passion is in design. I'm constantly looking for examples of Joomla! sites with good, unique design, content and functionality. I'm also a firm believer that Joomla! can effectively be used for any kind of site from personal to corporate to community.

I was excited when I started seeing the mass tweets (Twitter posts for the layman) from the Joomla! community about the new website being built with Joomla!. Sure, Linux is open source so being built in Joomla! doesn't really come as a surprise, but none-the-less it's LINUX! That's a great testament to Joomla!.

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Social media is changing (and growing) so quickly. The tools we use, how we use them - It seems everyday there are new features added to our favorite social networking platforms. Everyday new communities for every imaginable interest are popping up online. So, in order to continue to stay on top of new opportunities and tools that can be used to expand our clients' brands, I began a social media marketing course at UCLA this week. There's always something more to learn, even if it's something you do everyday!

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Gino's East Pizza in Chicago

Last week I had the pleasure to give 2 sessions at CMSExpo in Chicago. One on design and one on Magento eCommerce. Here is a brief re-cap of my "Dynamic Design for the Web" presentation.

The focus of CMSExpo was definitely on the techie side including tracks for Joomla!, Drupal and Alfresco (and some other individual sessions for gems like Magento and Plone), but I was lucky enough to be asked to give a session on web design. As most of us know, all the technology and content management systems in the world are useless without quality content and a connection with your audience.

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We finally got a working version of the new Zuno Studios web site launch — as you can see from reading this ;). During the development phase we obviously did lots of testing and viewing of the content as we worked.

If you're not familiar with Joomla! it's one of the most powerful open source content management system frameworks out today. Before Google Analytics was even around Joomla! has been doing simple page view tracking or "hits" as it's called in the admin area.

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Over my years in the advertising and marketing world I've heard plenty of good reasons for really getting to know your client's business.

In my experience, there is one great reason for designers, and account teams in particular, to really immerse themselves in their client's brand - it saves time!

When you speak your client's language, understand their values, their mission, who their target consumer is and what their target customer wants, it will save you hours upon hours. How you ask? Primarily, time saved on revisions and back and forth emails.

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Gravity Summit LogoAs I'm sure many of you have, I've developed an increasing interest in social media marketing. In my continuing attempt to learn more about it and how I can use it to help grow both my own business and my client’s businesses, I attended Gravity Summit’s Social Media event at UCLA this past week.

There were many things said throughout the day that I found extremely important and useful, but something I found particularly worthy of sharing with you was the idea that whether you are part of the conversation or not, people are talking about you. As Justin Goldsborough from Sprint said,

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