Whether you love him or hate him, it looks like you can learn something from Ryan Seacrest. And I don't just mean his uncanny ability to get information out of every big name on the A-List while managing to dodge any questions about his own personal life. (Nicely done, Ryan.) No, in this case I am talking about marketing.

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Women's Refugee Commission Web Site

We are happy to announce that we have launched a shiny new website for the Women’s Refugee Commission. The redesigned site went live last Thursday, and was unveiled during their annual Voices of Courage Luncheon in New York City. We are now excited to share with all of you!

The Women’s Refugee Commission is a non-profit organization that advocates for laws, policies and programs to improve the lives and protect the rights of refugee and internally displaced women, children and young people. The organization, a subdivision of the International Rescue Committee, was founded over 20 years ago and today, their web presence plays a larger role in building awareness and raising donations.

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I am Latino 2

As some of you may know, yesterday I helped launch a photo campaign for Latism (Latinos in Social Media), an organization I am very proud to be a part of. The title of the campaign - “I am Latino2”.

The news has been buzzing about the issues surrounding Arizona and the issue of racial profiling. Latism, which is an online home for many Latinos, decided that they needed to address this and show solidarity among the Latino community. This campaign is not about politics, rather about support and pride in the Latino culture.

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As I wrote in one of my recent posts, I attended Gravity Summit's social media conference last month. During the conference, there were a couple of breakout sessions, one of which was Social Media for Social Good, a panel dedicated to providing social media guidance for non-profit organizations.

Below is a combination of tips I personally would give non-profits and some of the highlights from the Social Media for Social Good panel.

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gravity-summit-logoThis past week I attended Gravity Summit's 1 Year Anniversary conference at UCLA. Gravity Summit is a series of social media conferences that are held across the country. If you follow me on Twitter, you noticed I live-tweeted some of the highlights as the day went on. Below is a recap of the information I found most relevant, interesting, funny, and useful for business owners and marketing professionals.

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ActiveCollab and Google Analytics

At Zuno we use a web based project management system called ActiveCollab to keep all of our projects organized. The beauty of using a system like this is that it allows you to easily manage every aspect of a project in one place. From files to time tracking to tickets the system has you covered.

We also do a lot of SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization for our clients. We use various applications to track web site analytics, but of course our favorite is Google Analytics. I'll spare you all the reasons we use it, but one feature I do want to point out is the ability to set up scheduled reports that can be emailed to you. So you can have a PDF of your anaylitcs emailed to you every Monday.

The point?

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So there you are on Facebook, telling the world what's on your mind, commenting on photos of your friend's weekend getaway, "liking" your co-worker's latest status update...and pulling out your credit card to purchase a half a pound of coffee?

Today, I came a cross an article telling me that I could be doing just that. Yes folks, Equator Estate Coffees and Teas is now making it easy for me (and you!) to purchase a cup of joe right on Facebook.

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Well, it was no easy task, but the team here at Zuno has collectively selected the 3 finalists in our non-profit logo contest.

First, let me say that every single entry was from an organization working for an incredible cause. From those who help better the lives of children and those who help prevent cancer, to those who help keep our animals safe and empower our youth, each one was very deserving. Which made it really, really difficult to pick only 3 finalists.

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