Social Media for Business Tidbits from #gravsum


Happy Friday all!

This Monday I attended another Gravity Summit event, this time at UC Irvine. As usual it was a day full of great info. If any of you follow me on Twitter you saw that there was a lot of live-tweeting going on. Below I've complied a list of the things I tweeted that I found most valuable.

Tweets inspired by @beverlymacy's opening presentation:

"They used to say content is king. It still is. There's just content overload. So figure out what your audience is looking for"


"If the Pentagon is using social media, something is shifting"

Tweets inspired by @johngerzema's keynote:

"Unemployment is at 8.9% - the highest in 25 yrs. This has a huge effect on consumers and their behavior"

"Brand is intangible. 1/3 of the worth of a company is tied up in brand."

"What do people look for in a brand? #1 - High quality. #2- They want to trust it. Today consumer trust has declined. Consumers are questioning"

"You know there's something to declasse consumption when P.Diddy vows to tone down his bling"

"I think the recession, as bad as it is, has been a catalyst to new thinking"

Tweets inspired by @rumford's Twitter presentation:

"It's not the number of people who follow you, rather the quality of people that follow you. Are they the right people? Can you influence them?"

"A lot of people try to control messaging. Those days are long gone. You have no control - realize this."

"Put yourself in your client's shoes. What would make their life easier? What would they appreciate? That is what social media is about."

Tweets inspired by @ttaxchristine from Intuit:

"Your customers can say things you would love to say about yourself but can't"

Tweets inspired by closing panel:

"Every professional is now a small business. Every person is now an individual brand. Important to understand this."

"We are sometimes guilty of being our own enchanted listener. Stop listening to yourself and start listening to your customers"

"You are doing social media to let customers and fans know you care about them"

"Your brand is perceived by people. It's not always the perception you want, but it's out there."