Maribel Lackey Launches "I am Latino2" Photo Campaign

I am Latino 2

As some of you may know, yesterday I helped launch a photo campaign for Latism (Latinos in Social Media), an organization I am very proud to be a part of. The title of the campaign - “I am Latino2”.

The news has been buzzing about the issues surrounding Arizona and the issue of racial profiling. Latism, which is an online home for many Latinos, decided that they needed to address this and show solidarity among the Latino community. This campaign is not about politics, rather about support and pride in the Latino culture.

The idea is simple: Take a picture with some sort of “sign” that reads “I am Latino2” and send it to me at maribel at zunostudios dot com or upload directly to the Latism photo gallery on Facebook. Check out the sample photos in the gallery below for a little inspiration. If you want to get a little more creative, take a picture that somehow reflects your industry. Let’s showcase how many industries we as Latinos touch and influence.


The photos will then be added to the "I am Latino2" photo gallery on and on Latism's Facebook page.

If you’re on Twitter, you can also show your support of the campaign by adding a “I am Latino2” Twibbon to your avatar. To do so, click here, follow the instructions and you’ll voilá!

If you are not technically Latino/a but want to show your support of the campaign and of the Latino community, we welcome and encourage you to! Have fun, get creative and spread the word! Tweet it, Facebook it, shout it out the window - you get the idea.

For more info and to see the “I am Latino2” photo gallery, visit To keep posted on the campaign, connect with me on Twitter.