Google Analytics and ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab and Google Analytics

At Zuno we use a web based project management system called ActiveCollab to keep all of our projects organized. The beauty of using a system like this is that it allows you to easily manage every aspect of a project in one place. From files to time tracking to tickets the system has you covered.

We also do a lot of SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization for our clients. We use various applications to track web site analytics, but of course our favorite is Google Analytics. I'll spare you all the reasons we use it, but one feature I do want to point out is the ability to set up scheduled reports that can be emailed to you. So you can have a PDF of your anaylitcs emailed to you every Monday.

The point?

A nice feature of ActiveCollab is the ability to reply to system email notifications and have them automatically be pulled into the project management system. It pulls the email into the correct project and item of the project (i.e. a discussion or a ticket) by an ID string in the email subject line that looks something like this {ID123456}. It also pulls in any attachments from an email and adds them as attachments of the project item.

We want to keep weekly reports of our clients Google Analytics. Of course we can always go get this data directly from our Google account, but that's not always convinient. So we've set up a weekly email schedule in Google Analytics and have that email go directly into our ActiveCollab system.

Here's how we do it...

  1. Set up the scheduled email reports in Google Analytics
    Google Analytics Scheduled Email Reports
  2. Have that email go to the same email address you use as your main ActiveCollab system. We have a special Zuno email account set up just for ActiveCollab.
  3. As the subject line of your Google Analytics report use the project item id—like this {ID123456}. In our case we set up a discussion in ActiveCollab specifically to collect all the analytic reports.
    Google Analytics Scheduled Email Subject Line
  4. Now every time Google sends out the weekly scheduled email report it will automatically go into your analytic discussion in ActiveCollab as a comment with an attachment and you have easy access to all your reports and a nice archive as well.
    AcitveCollab Attachment