Client Corner: Facebook Social Ads

Client Corner

What is it? As discussed in our first Facebook post, Facebook is a free social networking website where users can join networks, connect and interact with other people. According to the latest stats on, the platform currently has 200 million active users, the majority being outside of college. We’ve seen lately that the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is those over the age of 35, so Facebook is definitely a place to network with adult professionals. (If you want to check out a few more statistics, click here.)

In this post I want to talk about another tool Facebook offers for businesses - Facbook Social Ads. Facebook Ads are paid advertisements posted within

What does it do? Facebook Ads do what any other ad does. They promote a product or service. Easy enough, right? The big difference is that Facebook presents your ads to people who would likely find your product relevant or interesting. How does Facebook know this? It takes information from users' profile and then shows them ads that make sense for them.

Why should you use them? Here are a couple of reasons why you might choose to use Facebook Ads

#1- Facebook is a site that you know receives a lot of engagement. Stats show that more than 5 billion minutes are spent on Facebook every day. All across the world. So when placing an ad on the site you know people will see it.

#2 -As stated above, Facebook gives you the ability to target people that would be most interested in your product/service. For instance, on my Facebook page I typically get ads for fashion, travel and movie related items. All things I’ve shown interest in on my personal profile. You can also target people by age, location and other filters.

Facebook Ads

#3 - You can choose to pay per click or impression. This means if people aren’t clicking on your ad, you’re not paying for it.


Facebook Advertising Page: This page goes more in depth in terms of how to prepare and set up a Facebook Ad. It also has an FAQ page that answers a lot of good questions.

Facebook Ads Press Release: This is a bit old, but it's the release that was published when Facebook Ads and Facebook Fan Pages were announced. It gives a little info into Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's vision of how these tools would help brands.

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