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This is a special edition of Client Corner based on something I heard at Twiistup 6 today. E-hustle may not be an official term or phrase, but it jumped out at me, and I thought it'd be a fun one to post. Hope you guys enjoy...

What is it? “E-hustle” is a phrase coined by producer QD3 and that I first heard of today when listening to his panel at Twiistup 6 Los Angeles. So what is it? There is no specific defenition of the term, at least not one that I have heard, but here is my interpretation: To “e-hustle” is to use the online tools available to you, to best help market your business.

What does it do? “E-hustling” (again, this is only my interpretation) uses your website, your various social networking platforms, and any other online component to help build brand awareness and brand loyalty. Take Grammy-winning recording artist, Chamillionaire, for example (he was another speaker at Twiistup today), he spoke to us about his social media efforts and his website being two of the tools that have most helped further his career. As QD3 put it, Chamillionaire's got the "e-hustle" down. Before he even signed with a record label, Chamillionaire understood that he needed to use his website to provide something valuable to fans, and today he still provides his community some very cool things that they can only get via his website or his social media platforms. Things they cannot go buy at a store or at a concert. Fans know that he is providing them something unique. This in turn makes them more loyal to his brand.

Why should you use it? There are two major reasons that come to my mind. #1 - We live in a digital world. According to some of the latest statistics, over 1 billion people across the world are connected to the internet. So if you want those people to be able to find you when they’re online, you have to have a presence. #2 - With the amount of choices available to consumers, you need to reach out and give them a reason to choose you over a competitor. The reason may be that you have the best website - one that’s easy to use, offers content that competitors are missing and one that makes the user feel valued. Or it could be that you build a relationship with them via your social platforms that help build trust and credibility. Personally, I recommend you do both.

P.S.- (Yes, this is a P.S. - didn't know what else to call it) is listed as one of QD3's companies on his MySpace profile. I checked out the site to see if I could expand a bit on his interpreation of "e-hustle", but the Beta of the site has not launched yet. I can't wait to find out what it's all about....

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