Brian Solis - Getting your Startup Noticed @twiistup 6


Los Angeles' hot tech conference, Twiistup, mixed it up this year and changed from a one evening networking / who's who of LA tech to a two day panel format. After the first day I can say this is by far a better direction for Twiistup. Day one included a list of speakers ranging from venture capitalist Brad Feld, Andy Sack and David McClure to Chamillionaire and QD3 (Quincy Jones III).

One of my favorite speakers was Brian Solis and his presentation "Getting Your Startup Noticed". Brian talked about the importance of marketing and PR (good marketing and PR that is) and the fact that there is life outside of getting a release published on Techmeme, Tech Crunch or Mashable. He also talked about the importance of making sure you have a good solid product before jumping into full blown marketing mode.

There were a couple quotes I really liked...

"all this do-it-yourself pr, getting on Twitter, getting a Facebook page doesn't mean shit if your product sucks—no one will notice"

"It's not what you say that matters... it's what they say that counts."

Below from my handy-dandy Flip camera is video of Brian Solis at Twiistup giving his presentation "Getting Your Startup Noticed" at Twiistup...