What I learned at Gravity Summit


Gravity Summit LogoAs I'm sure many of you have, I've developed an increasing interest in social media marketing. In my continuing attempt to learn more about it and how I can use it to help grow both my own business and my client’s businesses, I attended Gravity Summit’s Social Media event at UCLA this past week.

There were many things said throughout the day that I found extremely important and useful, but something I found particularly worthy of sharing with you was the idea that whether you are part of the conversation or not, people are talking about you. As Justin Goldsborough from Sprint said,

"If you are not out there telling your story, they will make one up for you. And that will inevitably become reality."

I think this statement is pretty self-explanatory and there’s really not much more that I need to say about it. So now to those of you who haven’t told your story, and don’t know what other people’s perception of you is - take some time in the next few weeks and find out. Join Twitter. Start a Facebook group. Run a search for your company. Find out what people think about you. What they like and what they don’t. If they don’t know anything about you yet, change that.

A few other tidbits that I picked up at Gravity Summit that I think are important to keep in mind, especially when tweeting and blogging -

  • Be yourself. if you're pretending to be someone you're not, the truth will eventually come out - and nobody likes a fake.
  • Don't be too sale-sy. It can get really annoying!
  • Add value. Talk about things that are of interest to other people. I hate to say it, but it shouldn't all be about you.