4 tips to include Hispanics into your social media marketing


Are Hispanics missing from your social media-marketing plan?

It is no secret that Hispanic audiences are on the rise across all social media platforms, and with that comes a great opportunity for marketers to capitalize on this growing trend by turning them into loyal consumers.

It has been predicted that Hispanic consumers will reach a $1.5B purchasing power in 2015! It's a statistic that is impossible to ignore, so it is no wonder that most marketers are trying to figure out how to reach them.

However, achieving this is not necessarily easy. As Glenn Llopis pointed out, "cultural intelligence must replace the misguided notion that simply translating English copy into someone's native language is all you need to do to reach them."

Alao Jocelyn Jara, Senior Manager, Multicultural at GolinHarris says, "brands that are engaging Hispanic consumers effectively with social media have the right mix between providing their consumers with the content they want and engaging them in conversations that are relevant while all laddering up to an overarching marketing communications strategy."

The following are some tips inspired by her article to help you with an effective strategy to engage Hispanic consumers.

  1. Learn about their cultural characteristics and values, and figure out how to use them to drive them to your brand. It is important to create opportunities for Hispanics to socialize, share content, communicate and be connected to their heritage.
  2. Consider bilingual content for reaching both Spanish-preferred and English-preferred Hispanics. For bilingual Hispanics, English tends to speak to the mind, while Spanish tends to speak to the heart.
  3. Spend some time to research what social media platforms are best for your audience. Research indicates that SMS and mobile marketing initiatives are critical opportunities for engagement, while destinations like YouTube and Facebook are principal platforms for reaching the online Hispanic consumer.
  4. Although research indicates that music and sports are key entertainment interests for Hispanic consumers, they also want to be educated. Think about creating content that sparks a conversation and engagement by educating them about key elements of your brands such as product information, any key offerings and community efforts.