Zuno Studios Brings New Life to Women's Refugee Commission Website

Women's Refugee Commission Web Site

We are happy to announce that we have launched a shiny new website for the Women’s Refugee Commission. The redesigned site went live last Thursday, and was unveiled during their annual Voices of Courage Luncheon in New York City. We are now excited to share with all of you!

The Women’s Refugee Commission is a non-profit organization that advocates for laws, policies and programs to improve the lives and protect the rights of refugee and internally displaced women, children and young people. The organization, a subdivision of the International Rescue Committee, was founded over 20 years ago and today, their web presence plays a larger role in building awareness and raising donations.

The previous site presented a lot of information, but lacked information hierarchy and organization. The look of the site was very stark and not particularly inviting or engaging. When redesigning, our team worked closely with Women's Refugee Commission to determine what information was most important. We reworked the information architecture so that the home page was more intuitive and easy to navigate for visitors. The new architecture carries into secondary pages, which were also revisited to ensure that information was best organized.

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Our design team then took advantage of the amazing photography that our client had provided and brought that front and center - making it easy for visitors to connect with the many women and children whose lives have improved because of the Women’s Refugee Commission and their supporters. We combined it with a bolder use of the rich red that is a central part of their brand. The use of imagery and color give the new site warmth and energy.

On the backend, our focus was on making the site easier for our client to manage and update. We updated their existing CMS, rebuilding key components and completing custom development to further enhance and optimize site loading and SEO.

We will be posting a full case study soon. In the meantime, we invite you to visit the site.