Social Media: Highlights from Gravity Summit


gravity-summit-logoThis past week I attended Gravity Summit's 1 Year Anniversary conference at UCLA. Gravity Summit is a series of social media conferences that are held across the country. If you follow me on Twitter, you noticed I live-tweeted some of the highlights as the day went on. Below is a recap of the information I found most relevant, interesting, funny, and useful for business owners and marketing professionals.

"The idea of listening to what people are saying about your brand isn't new, we're just listening in new places now - Twitter, blogs, etc."

@JeffreyHayzlett, Chief Marketing Officer for Kodak:

"A brand is nothing more than a promise delivered." 

"Why share our corporate social media guidelines with customers? Because the more business they do, the more we do." (Smart man!)

"We are a tech company but we don't sell cameras. We sell memories - those things that people run back into burning buildings for."

@bdresher, Marketing Manager for USA Today

"If you don't break the news, someone else will."

"Brands need to adapt to the rules of the playground in which they are playing." (For instance, Facebook vs. TV)

"To say that you have a Facebook Fan page isn't enough. Make it fun; a diversion. You have to give them a reason to go to your page."

"Heard of SEO? The new term for 2010 will be FPO - Facebook page optimization."

"On Twitter, the sincerest form of flattery is a retweet."

"Allow people to find your content from anywhere. Cross-promote."

"Just as SEO became vital for your brand's online effectiveness, so will social media optimization."

@FeliciaDay, Actress and recipient of the Excellence in Social Media in Entertainment Award

"We're reached 50 million views and have never spent any money on advertising." [Talking about her online show, The Guild]

"I never thought 'how can I use these people?' I always thought 'how can I be useful to them?'."

"Social media is not cheap or easy." - @LaurenKozak, social media manger for Britney Spears

"The average social media campaign takes 6-12 months to perfect."

"Nielsen study shows 90% of people trust recommendations from people they know. Only 55% trust radio. Who says social media isn't smart?"

"If you have a bad product or business model, social media can't fix that."

Stay tuned for a couple follow-ups to this post, also stemming from this year's Gravity Summit conference, - "Social Media Tips for Non-Profit Organizations" and "What your small business can learn from THE pizza guy in Chicago". And for those of you interested in attending Gravity Summit sometime, I highly recommend it. You meet some very good people and there is always a ton of good information. Follow @beverlymacy and @rumford on Twitter. They cofounded the conference and also provide a lot of useful information within the social media realm.