We are working on a site that uses the Joomla! page class suffix parameter on each menu item to change the design (through CSS) of each page. In this case each section/page of the site is defined by a specific color.

As part of the design we made the menu item rollovers and drop down menus match the color of the page's background/accent color. This could easily be done in the CSS by targeting the unique "item" class that is added to every menu item as such:

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Community Leadership Team member, Paul Orwig sent a strong call to arms for everyone to take action in the Joomla! community. He gave ways to get involved, resources and more than a few reasons to step up.

JDay West 2010 at eBay town hall in San Jose, CA, Andrew Eddie gave the conference an overview of the state of the upcoming release of Joomla! 1.6. He also fielded question regarding the new ACL (access control level), nested categories, and more unified parameters for components, modules and plugins.

The big announcement by Louis at Joomla! Day West 2010 was the separation of the Joomla! CMS and the Joomla! Framework. He explained why the separation was beneficial to growing Joomla! development, features and functionality.

Unfortunately I ran out of space on the camera, so this video is very short and only covers around the first 5 minutes of Luis' keynote.

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