Remove javascript frameworks from Joomla

If you’re like us and use Bootstrap in your templates, you’ve probably run into issues where MooTools More & Bootstrap.js don’t play nice.

By default, Joomla! loads a bunch of javascript files that you may not need or want in your template. For many reasons, you’re probably looking for a way to remove them, right?

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CSS is a pretty useful tool. It makes your markup look good and it can be used to do some really neat things. But, as we developers use it more and more, we tend to yearn for some more advanced features. Not being an actual programming language, you can't have some things that would be in one.

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Here's a quick little tutorial for all you aspiring iOS developers.

When I first started developing iOS apps, jumping into something completely new (like, handling photo uploads) was always a huge challenge. Hopefully this will give you a head start if you're building an app that requires photo uploads—or any type of HTTP POST for that matter.

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01.24.2014 : :
HTML markup speed coding with Emmet plugin

If you're a front-end web developer, there's one thing that you'll have to deal with again and again: lots and lots of markup. This is where Emmet comes to the rescue.

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01.23.2014 : :
CSS3 eye candy

With the new additions to CSS3 we have the ability to do more than just change the size and color of the element. Now, you can do things like add rounded corners and drop shadows without having to make a bunch of images for the effect. And since nearly all current browsers support this, you will be able to use these effects without much worry about cross-browser compatibility.

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Make an AJAX request from a Joomla! module

Did you know Joomla! 3.2 includes an AJAX Interface? If you've ever needed to make an AJAX request in Joomla! from a custom module, you've probably run into a wall.

Previously, you'd have to create your own component to call a special method. This was an absolute pain for something that should be so simple; well, now it is that simple.

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Why do we love using frameworks? It’s simple: frameworks save us time. Whether you’re marking-up a design or developing a web app, Bootstrap can save you a ton of time with CSS and all of the crazy little ins-and-outs that come with responsive websites.

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In this blog post, I'll show you how we typically use the SQL field type in our custom-built Joomla! modules.

We do a ton of custom development for our clients including—from time to time—building custom Joomla! modules.

For our own site, we built a component that will manage our portfolio (work samples). Naturally, we needed the ability to show some of these work samples on various pages.

Enter a fancy new Zuno-built Joomla! Module—mod_zportfolio.

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03.22.2011 : :

By far the lengthiest session I attended at SXSW, “CSS3: Beyond the Basics” spanned nearly three hours while presenting the future of CSS.

A good amount of chatter in the Twitterverse is always reserved for the naysayers that question cross-browser compatibility, “but does it work in IE?” “does it require a browser prefix?”, etc. This session wasn’t tailored to answer those questions; cross-browser compatibility issues are obvious when dealing with a(n) new/upcoming web standard.

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Here are my notes from the "Death of Relational Databases" from SXSW on March 13, 2011 by Hank Williams, Founder and CEO of Kloudco

This was a great session for anyone interested in learning why relational databases are being replaced with more robust ways of storing data. This was not an extremely technical session, so if you are already working with document-oriented databases you probably are aware of this content.

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