CSS3 beyond the basics


By far the lengthiest session I attended at SXSW, “CSS3: Beyond the Basics” spanned nearly three hours while presenting the future of CSS.

A good amount of chatter in the Twitterverse is always reserved for the naysayers that question cross-browser compatibility, “but does it work in IE?” “does it require a browser prefix?”, etc. This session wasn’t tailored to answer those questions; cross-browser compatibility issues are obvious when dealing with a(n) new/upcoming web standard.

Here are a couple of interesting tidbits from this session that were retweeted the most: (1) you should avoid using ‘background’ shorthand (e.g., “background: url(.../images/image.jpg) no-repeat center left #000”) because it will reset any prior ‘background’ declarations in your style sheet; (2) the panel suggested designing/developing for a mobile device first then target larger screens with media queries.

Also, here are some things to check out that were mentioned at the session:

  • Wallaby - An experimental technology from Adobe that converts Adobe Flash FLA files into HTML5 (jquery & CSS3). Yes, it’s in Dreamweaver, but definitely worth a look.
  • Bestcontestever.com - A look into CSS3 in WebKit, (view the link in your favorite WebKit browser to see some CSS animations).
  • border-image-generator - Here is a cool tool that will generate -- yup, you guessed it -- a border image.
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