SquareSpace Logo: Crisis Averted

A SquareSpace Logo creation
Fancy new logo by @calvinrosscarl

Earlier this week, SquareSpace launched a simple logo generator appropriately called SquareSpace Logo. Using their trademark drag and drop interface, SquareSpace collaborated with the Noun Project to bring individuals and small businesses, who might not otherwise have the resources or knowledge, the humble tools to create their own brand for only $10 per logo.

...and the design community imploded.

Within hours, dozens of designers had taken to twitter to express their contempt for both the SquareSpace product and the SquareSpace team. Blogs started springing to action, calling it “a design crime” and predicting a future where designers are replaced by simple drag and drop, WYSIWYG design generators. Then came the Logo memes, complete with several tumblr pages to showcase designers snarky creations.

Walter White, Chemist

By now, the fervor seems to have died down as everyone now looks to evaluate what this actually means for branding and identity design.

Ultimately, identity design is so much more than combining stock icons and type. It’s creating a brand story and voice that draw people in and keeps them engaged. It’s a visual system that sets a tonal standard and acts as a window into how a company works and what it values. It’s both the first impression that many people have with a company and what makes them see that company as a trustworthy friend. And while a terrible logo can make or break a company, it’s really the work that a seasoned designer does in shaping the narrative that leaves a lasting impression. SquareSpace Logo is not going to change that.

[via SquareSpace Blog, FastCo Design]

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