Font of the Week: Gibson

Gibson font family specimen

This week's font of the week is Gibson. When designer John Gibson of the Society of Graphic Designer of Canada (GDC) passed away in 2011, good friend and fellow type designer, Rod McDonald, decided to release Gibson—a humanist sans-serif family to honor his educational legacy.

Designed with a student budget in mind, the major goal of this project has been to combat piracy through affordability. The entire 8-font family is available for the absurdly low cost of $48, acquirable for "less than the price of a design textbook," according to Canada Type.

But don’t be fooled by its low cost—this typeface is a workhorse. Referencing both Paul Renner's Futura and Adrian Fruitger's Avenir, Gibson strives to be both display and print friendly, making it convenient for a variety of uses. See it in action here, paired with the equally versatile Brandon Text.

Gibson can be purchased from MyFonts or from Canada Type directly. All revenues from its sale is donated to the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada to promote design education.

For more background information, you can read the GDC’s press release here.

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