Stock photography and illustration can be found everywhere on the internet. They’re often the cheapest and most convenient way to populate content with visual elements. The convenience and widespread availability of stock images, however, create some problems for those looking to create unique and memorable brand experiences.

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02.12.2014 : :

The user experience of logging in to a website or mobile app.

Nowadays you need to login to almost every digital service you visit. Whether it be to check your bank account, buy a new Fitbit, or posting a #selfie on Instagram you need to access your personal profile which means you have to log in with the correct credentials for said service.

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This may sound like common sense, but fight for your worth!

This is a line that every designer will hear at some point in their career– "We can't actually pay you… but this will look great in your portfolio/provide you with meaningful experience!" I mean, you wouldn’t ask for free dental work from your dentist, right? So why is free work expected so frequently from designers? What can we, whether we are the designer or the client, do to ensure that designers are fairly compensated for the work that they do?

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01.31.2014 : :

Within the last year, many familiar brands, such as Apple, have scrapped their existing skeuomorphic UI design in favor of of something simpler and flatter, creating a debate over both the purpose of skeuomorphism and the potential longevity of flat UI. So if you’re new to the debate, where do you start? Let’s start at the beginning.

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A SquareSpace Logo creation

Earlier this week, SquareSpace launched a simple logo generator appropriately called SquareSpace Logo. Using their trademark drag and drop interface, SquareSpace collaborated with the Noun Project to bring individuals and small businesses, who might not otherwise have the resources or knowledge, the humble tools to create their own brand for only $10 per logo.

...and the design community imploded.

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01.10.2014 : :
Gibson font family specimen

This week's font of the week is Gibson. When designer John Gibson of the Society of Graphic Designer of Canada (GDC) passed away in 2011, good friend and fellow type designer, Rod McDonald, decided to release Gibson—a humanist sans-serif family to honor his educational legacy.

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Last week, I was happy to accept an invitation to be a guest on JoomStew Radio, to chat a little bit about Joomla! template design trends, along with Anthony Olsen and Matt Lipscomb. For those who aren't familiar with Joomla!, it is a Content Management System, that we at Zuno do a lot of work with. (JoomStew Radio, is headed by Robert Vining and shows focus on what's cookin' in Joomla!.)

For those of you who want to listen to the audio of last week's show, a link is below...

Listen to audio of show here.

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