The universe is determined to ruin creativity at all costs


Earlier this week I posted this on my social network channels:

Crowd-sourcing—the universe is determined to ruin creativity at all costs

A few people liked, favorited, retweeted and seemed to agree, but one person actually asked me to elaborate on the comment. Of course I kindly obliged, and as I started my reply it really made me stop and think about the severity that crowd-sourcing has on creativity as a whole. It's much more than commoditizing the design industry. It actually destroys creativity and "innovation" on all levels in any industry.

It cheapens the price of service which, in turn, reduces the level of quality and creativity. You get unprofessional people producing low-quality—if you can even call it quality—projects based on how quickly they can get it done or whatever current trends they can easily reproduce. It has nothing to do with strategy or creativity.

The problem is that business owners and people who are purchasing services this way only see the immediate price tag and not the long term effect that paying for cheap cookie-cutter "service" has on their brand/project/product. They don't think through their goals and neither does the crowd.

When the creative process is reduced to a matter of minutes or completely thrown aside in favor of speed and/or price, there is no way the necessary time and attention to detail required to produce a truly creative and unique solution can be achieved—not to mention, the skill required to produce quality output.

If we continue down this road of corner-cutting, crowd-sourcing, and not accepting the value of creativity, it will cease to exist. Society will be forced to accept the lowest level of quality imaginable and the lack of identity that comes without strategy and creativity.

Take control of the universe and fight for creativity.