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Hello and thanks for checking out this blog! (I know there’s about a trillion of them out there, so I’m flattered you’d wanna hear what I have to say.) I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself and tell you just a little bit about me and what you can expect from my blogs.

Like many people that I’ve met in the business, I ended up in advertising by pure accident. An aspiring actress right out of college (rare to find in L.A., I know) I was looking for a part time job to help pay the rent between auditions. Having tried the restaurant world and not having really liked it, I skimmed Craigslist for part-time administrative jobs and sent in my resume to a few places. One of them, a full service advertising agency, was looking for a receptionist. They called me in and I had the opportunity to be interviewed by the company’s vice president, who about 15 minutes into the interview decided that I would make an excellent account coordinator. The pay beat that of the receptionist’s so I thought, “What the heck? I’ll give it a shot.” So now, years later, here you have me. Still working in the business and loving it.

Throughout my career I’ve spent a lot of my time working with client's Hispanic marketing efforts. Being Hispanic myself I have a particular interest, understanding and passion for the Hispanic advertising industry. Over the years I've also been lucky enough to work at small to medium sized companies that have allowed me to get my hands in several aspects of marketing. Although I am primarily concerned with client services and ensuring that my clients are happy, understood and involved in the creative process, I have also spent some time now putting social media marketing plans together that help bring our clients into the non-traditional marketing arena.

With this blog I hope to be able to share with you the things I've learned along the way and start conversations about issues (both the exciting and the frustrating ones) that are relevant to all of us - both as clients and marketing experts. I invite you to comment, question and add to the discussion. I am a strong believer in that through continuing communication we all learn, grow and thrive as both professionals and human beings.

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